Slots Bonus Buy Feature vs Triggering Bonus Round Normally  

 December 4, 2021

The slot bonus buy feature and normal bonus round feature are incredibly similar, however, there are key differences between the two. Both contain their own advantages and disadvantages – check out some online slots promotions.

What is the bonus buy feature? 

All slot players should be familiar with bonus features, almost every slot game will offer them in one form or another. The most common bonus feature that players will find is the free spins feature. Usually, players will have to trigger these bonus features during gameplay. However, the bonus buy feature allows players to trigger these bonuses when they want. It works very simply, players will have to put some of their stake up to be able to trigger these bonuses. Essentially, it means that players won’t have to worry about triggering a bonus because they are already guaranteed it. There are several benefits that come from the bonus buy feature, perhaps the biggest is that players won’t have to wait in order to trigger a bonus. They will be able to use it as soon as they activate the bonus buy feature! 

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Triggering a bonus round 

When players trigger a bonus round, they will get the chance to use an exciting bonus feature such as free spins. There are many benefits that come from being able to trigger a bonus round. 

  1. Exciting gameplay – One of the biggest benefits that comes from using a triggerable bonus round is the added excitement in the gameplay. Slots are incredibly fun to play anyway but with the extra element of a triggerable bonus, the fun increases hugely!
  2. Rewarding – Triggerable bonuses are not only rewarding to players in the sense that they will give them the chance to compete for better prizes, they are also rewarding for the sense of accomplishment players receive when they manage to trigger these features. As it is not easy to trigger some bonus rounds, players can feel very pleased when they eventually manage to trigger them. 
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Which is better? 

Bonus buy features and a traditional bonus round both contain advantages and disadvantages, what your preference will be will depend on what sort of player you are. 

●     The bonus buy feature is great for players who are struggling to trigger a bonus, it can be very helpful for players when used wisely too, resulting in huge wins! One thing that players should bear in mind about this feature is the cost, it is not going to be affordable for every player.

●     Triggering a bonus round is best for the average player, most bonus rounds are not too difficult to trigger and the player will even feel rewarded when they do eventually trigger the bonus round. 

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Final Thoughts 

The bonus buy feature lets players pay to use a bonus feature without the need to trigger it in game, while this can be advantageous if a feature is particularly hard to hit, the bonus buy feature can be incredibly expensive for players. Triggering a bonus round normally is just as effective.

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