Haifa Wehbe’s Softcore Video Clip! 

 February 11, 2022

 Haifa Wehbe released her newest video clip named “Breathing you in”! Apart from the name “taking you in”, the video has back lashed a lot of commentary and criticism as being obscene and indecent! Good news for Egyptian men!

Haifa Game of Thrones!

 The song published on Vevo, which is one of biggest record companies along Universal Music Group and Song Music Entertainment. Vevo’s YouTube channel hosts songs for Snoop Dogg, Taylor Swift and Rihanna and now our dearest Haifa Wehbe! They even launched her a dedicated channel called HaifaVevo!

 The video clip got a lot of criticism about the obscenity and nudity that Haifa has appeared in! Especially that she is NOT that YOUNG! Haifa’s date of birth is March 10, 1976 which makes her 39 years old! The director has made sure the clip has every element of a softcore tape. It has a barn scene, a gang scene and a “game of thrones” theme!

There has to be a barn scene!
Haifa’s Gang ……
But of course, Arabs DO love the nudity and explicitness and the video clip is a success! We loved the music accompanying Haifa’s vocals. The DJ should be praised for his work! Watch the video clip here:


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 Did you watch it yet? What do you think of her moves and cloths (if any)?? Tell us your opinion….


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