Five Most Appealing Yarn Bowls of 2021 

 May 21, 2021

To all the lovely people out there who love to knit but don’t you face any difficulty when your yarn balls fall, and start jogging here and there on the floor while knitting, or when you don’t find an appropriate element to put them in? It might disturb you or break your concentration sometimes right? To avoid this, why not get a beautiful yarn bowl for your cute little yarn balls.  Wondering where you can get them from?

5 Alluring yarn Bowls of 2021!

Here you will find some amazing and very beautiful yarn bowls, and for sure you would not be able to get them out of your head! Continue reading to glimpse some exciting yarn bowls. Towards the end, you will be able to opt for that particular yarn bowl that suits best for you and your work.

  1. Wooden yarn bowl
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The little world stores one of the best wooden yarn bowls that one can own. The materials used in making the bowl are of top-notch quality. The entire surface of the wood material that is used is smoothened with expertise using a high gloss finish. Even the swirls and holes are expertly leveled to protect yarn from catching. The yarn bowl is six inches in diameter and three inches in height. The dimensions of this bowl are capable of holding a ball of yarn of 3.5oz.

This wood has a very useful feature of storing space for knitting needles. It provides an additional two holes for this. Also, the size of the yarn bowl is small enough so it can easily be carried around. The light feature of the bowl is extremely convenient as it can now fit into your tiny bag as well. The beauty of this bowl is enhanced because of the natural wood that has been used to make it.

  1. Jumbo yarn bowl
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Jumbo yarn bowl is also a wooden yarn but of bigger dimensions. This large wooden yarn measures 10 inches by 4.5 inches. It is a must-purchase bowl for those who use large yarns as it has the capacity of holding the biggest yarn balls.  It is a sustainable and eco-friendly yarn bowl. This beautiful bowl consists of two holes and one swirl. The holes and swirl can be put into multiple uses such as

  • Storing knitting needles
  • crochet hooks
  • Feedthrough different yarns
  1. Scheepjes artisan wooden yarn bowl

 These Scheepjes are the most beautiful and hand-crafted wooden yarn bowls. The stunning bowls can be an amazing home to your yarn balls adding the most attractive and pleasant look to your yarns when putting the balls in the stunning Scheepjes artisan wooden yarn bowls. The wooden yarn bowls promise to keep your yarn balls with utmost safety while knitting.

  1. Oblong yarn bowl
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The Oblong yarn solid yarn ball is made up of dark hardwood from Hind handicrafts. The amazing yarn ball is rectangular plus giving a very gratifying look to its owner. The oblong yarn ball is eagerly waiting for your big four yarn balls. This yarn ball is a heavy one and also, the best to protect them from slipping but light in weight to take with you while traveling. In addition, it will also provide you some endearing holes to place your knitting needles. So exciting right?

The Bottom Line

So, have you decided which is your favorite bowl? All the above-mentioned are some of the best and highly recommended Yarn bowls in Australia with high-grade quality and the best designs. Hurry up! Don’t miss out on any.

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