Conversational Marketing & its Benefits 

 May 8, 2021

Conversational Marketing is the best possible way to do real time conversations with buyers and customers.It will make it easier for people to engage with your business and will help you to convert the right leads much faster.It will make your company a happier company with happier customers.

Conversational Marketing will help to build good relationships and create authentic experiences with buyers and customers.It is the best way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnel.

The conversational framework have 3 steps:

  • Engage 
  • Understand
  • Recommend

You can engage more leads with chat instead of forms 

When you provide your visitors the facility to immediately start conversations on your website instead of filling up forms before they can talk to anyone,it will definitely increase conversation rates,provide more opportunities and a personal experience with the customers and help to develop your brand equity.

Understand the leads and what they exactly want in minutes instead of days

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Usually it takes days of marketing automation and nurturing emails to qualify leads.But according to Harvard Business Review,if a company responds within five minutes of initial contact, it has more chance of qualifying a lead while waiting longer can decrease your chances by 400%.

In case of Conversational Marketing,bots will keep you available 24×7 to connect with new leads instantly.Chatbot Platforms can understand the leads and what they want by qualifying those leads in real time instead of making them wait longer on follow up emails.

Recommend the right step to move leads through your funnel

Bots can very well engage and understand the leads but human to human interaction is the best for closing the sale.That is why bots connect leads to your sales team through intelligent routing and book meetings for them automatically and your reps can focus 100% on selling.

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With the help of intelligent routing,bots will make sure that the right leads go to the right reps.When sales reps connect their calendars,bots will book meetings for qualified leads directly from the conversations. 

Key Benefits of Conversational Marketing

Here we will discuss the 5 major benefits of using conversations to gain and qualify leads:

1. Conversational Marketing software can create a more human buying experience because your website no longer feels like an empty store,where the only way to greet shoppers is providing them forms.

You can now say “hi” to the people visiting your website and allowing them to start a conversation.

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2. With Conversational Marketing you can learn a lot more about your buyers and customers.Lead forms are great at collecting contact info but cannot provide context.

But conversations can really help you to know why a buyer visits your website in the first place,what are their biggest pain points and which product features are very important to them.

3. You can convert more and better leads with conversational marketing.You can add 15% more leads to the top of sales funnel with conversational marketing software.

4. In this digital era the best customer experiences will always be the ones which feel the most personal,and conversational marketing strategy will provide that and will allow your brand to connect with customers far more meaningfully.This will help to improve your BrandEquity and improve customer retention and boost customer loyalty.

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This will help you to shorten the sales cycle.Leads qualified by means of conversations tend to close faster than leads qualified by means of traditional old methods.

5. Conversational Marketing Strategy will grow your sales pipeline.Implementing this method Rapid Miner,a data science platform has influenced more than 25% of their sales pipeline through conversations.

Meaningful marketing conversation with your customers:

1)It is very important to consider your opportunities to shine,you need to start thinking about the fact that whether your audience engages with you on facebook or are they more active on instagram.

If the majority of customers are contacting you through your website,then you need to engage with them through voice messaging for websites rather than simply using chatbot.

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2) You need to take a conversational approach to your marketing strategy.Instead of simply relying on chatbots to interact with your customers,you should make sure that all the content that you develop gives your audience 

reason to react,respond and ensure the fact that when they react they know that you are paying attention.

3) Personalisation plays a major role for conversational marketing.You need to deliver relevant content to customers at an appropriate time on the channels which matter most to them.By providing customers personalised and relevant content you can gain the trust and loyalty of your customers.

An instagram report stated that 80% of customers buy from a company which offers them a personalised experience, while 44% of customers say that they repeat buying from a brand after having a personalised experience with them.

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4) You need to bring offline customers online.Though offline and online marketing are not mutually exclusive

Each medium feeds into the other as we move through the buying journey.In case of a tweet to customer service or a hashtag on instagram,the conversation is not always over after we make a purchase.

You should use physical experiences to drive online engagement by using social media,QR codes and digital marketing tools.

For example a cosmetic brand which becomes famous among many due to its digital roots and engaging content and also well known for its instagrammable packaging which allows customers to share their unboxing experience online.This brand knows the real value of offline to online marketing.

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Finally we can say that,

In today’s digital era most people doing businesses, forget to think about the human element of business

while focusing on trends and statistics.But customers in the digital era want a greater customer experience,a real and human experience that they will surely remember.

Nowadays customers really want to feel that they are an important part of your business and they have taken a good decision by selecting you over others.

Conversational Marketing is the key to providing human touch to your customers’ experiences and creating brand equitythat will truly get people talking.

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