Career prospects of Diploma in hospitality management 

 August 2, 2021

Hospitality management, a.k.a. hotel and tourism management are a career path that is quite popular among candidates across the world because of the higher chances of obtaining a luxurious professional life that it brings along with.

In this blog post, we have listed some of their employment opportunities both in the domestic and international market that pursuing a part-time diploma in Singapore in hospitality management can enable you to apply for.

Read onto getting a sneak peek of the limitless professional journey that studying a professional course in hospital management can let you experience!

Hotels, resorts, and spas

These hotspots are the primary hub for hotel management diploma students to kick-start their careers as they offer amazing job profiles for graduates.

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These establishments offer hospital management students to gain real-time experience in a variety of operations even before they have secured a certification or degree.

Being a student of hotel management in Singapore will allow you to apply for early-stage career job roles as a trainee to get familiarised with these avenues and more.

Restaurants, clubs, and bars

Opting for the hospitality management diploma programme in Singapore can open doors for you to work in these business organisations, which are known to recruit hundreds of trains graduates each year to fill up their managerial posts and maintain the population of their kitchen staff.

This will not only allow you to work at large food chain companies located at top-end places but also gain a high level of remuneration for showcasing your professional skills regularly.

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In-flight operations and airline kitchens

The airline sector is another major recruitment ground for hospitality management diploma candidates, as they hire employees who possess an international diploma, certificate, or degree in hotel management.

Being employed for inflight services also gives you the advantage of being part of one of the largest economies, thereby enjoying the parks of the higher pay scale.

Cruise liners

This glamorous industry of the hospitality sector will leave you amazed with the lavish lifestyle that you can cherish each day, working on the beautiful waters and enjoying lovely breezes when stationed onboard magnificent watercraft.

Landing a job with employers owning floating hotels may require you to work round the clock, serving partygoers and large crowds enjoying their vacation, allowing you to make more connections.

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Fast food chains

Food business franchises are one of the most booming sectors around the world that fall under the umbrella category of hospital management.

Undergoing a professional course in hospital management from Singapore will allow you to gain real-time training on how to manage such outlets, equipping you with the skills required to take up positions within the executive and management category.

Catering services

This area of employment is open for both private and government ceremonies or even day-to-day affairs for the army or the navy.

With a diploma are a professional certificate in hotel management you will possess clarity about catering technology and the necessary equipment required to carry out the entire day’s duty.

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A Diploma in hotel management course offered in Singapore is a valuable qualification that will never let you run out of job options.

Apply soon!

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