November 21, 2020

Cardamom may be a spice known for hundreds of years, appreciated not just for its taste but also its health-promoting properties. Because of this, cardamom is employed both as an addition to dishes and as a remedy against various ailments.


Cardamom could be a plant native to the south of India, where it grows wild in dense tropical forests. Today, cardamom is also grown in other regions of Asia, including China, Ceylon, the Indochina Peninsula, and Central America, where climate favors its growth. The only valuable species is Malabar cardamom, from which the best quality cardamom spice is obtained. Other less useful styles of this plant are Major, Nepalese and Javanese cardamom. Unlike Malabar cardamom, they contain fewer substances to blame for the plant’s characteristic, spicy aroma.

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Cardamom usually reaches 2 to five meters tall. It’s made of a large, tuberous underground rhizome and elongated leaves on the stems, which are about 70 cm long and eight cm wide. Cardamom flowers, blue-and-white in shape, take in clusters. Once they wither, they form bags with three chambers during which tiny seeds are hidden – these are used as a spice. The cardamom is harvested from October to December, so its pods are dried so as not to damage the fruit. Cardamom is out there in several forms :

  1. in ground form,
  2. in whole pods,
  3. in the kind of hulled grains,
  4. as an addition to ready-made products, like teas or porridge
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Cardamom is widely utilized in natural medicine. Thanks to its pro-health properties, it’s a recommended addition to the daily diet. Cardamom is taken into account a remedy for, among other things, digestive problems and gastrointestinal ailments – for this purpose, it absolutely was already utilized in ancient China. Cardamom helps fight nausea, heartburn, flatulence, and gas, and thanks to its diastolic effect, it also seems to be useful in gastritis. Just in case of digestive problems, it’s best to use ground cardamom or cardamom oil.

Cardamom also supports the body within the fight against colds and flu. Cardamom has antiviral and antibacterial properties and also encompasses a warming effect. Because of the content of essential oils, it’s also useful in treating tract infections – it relieves cough and runny nose and clears a stuffy nose. In colds and flu, tea with cardamom is particularly recommended, which might even be drunk on cold days, while inhalations with cardamom oil are the simplest to alleviate cough and runny nose.

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Cardamom is also a valued natural remedy for erection problems and potency – in India, it’s even considered one of the foremost effective aphrodisiacs. What’s the key to its operation? Like other spicy spices, cardamom improves blood supply to the genitals, leading to a healthier and more prolonged erection. You can try cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 to treat erectile dysfunction

In turn, the traditional Egyptians used cardamom to maintain oral hygiene – in India, and its seeds are still used as chewing gum. Cardamom helps fight bad breath quickly and for a long time – this can be because of the terpinyl acetate and cineol within the plant, which has strong antibacterial properties. Cardamom is therefore recommended for people fighting halitosis and other diseases, the consequence of which is bad breath. To support oral hygiene, it’s also worth reaching for a yarn with cardamom. Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly also the best way to treat ed.

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Cardamom is also often recommended for slimming ones – when added to varied dishes or tea, it can accelerate unnecessary kilograms. All due to the essential oils present in cardamom seeds. They stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, due to which the metabolism is more efficient and faster. Regulation of metabolic processes also helps to cleanse the body of poisons and other by-products.

Cardamom is employed not only in natural medicine but also within the cosmetic industry. Cardamom oil is engaged, among other things, for aromatherapy – it’s considered an efficient, relaxing, and stimulating agent. Cardamom oil may be:

  • perfume ingredient,
  • ingredient of massage oils,
  • ingredient of cosmetics with a firming and slimming effect,
  • addition to therapeutic baths.
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Cardamom is undoubtedly one of all the foremost valuable spices. However, there are certain circumstances during which it’s cautioned against its use. the subsequent are the contraindications for consuming cardamom:

  1. diagnosed with an allergy to cardamom or other spices;
  2. gastritis or gastric ulcer;
  3. pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The beneficial properties of cardamom and its beneficial effects on health were known in antiquity. It’s currently used as a natural remedy for digestive problems, colds, flu, problems with potency, or weight loss. However, cardamom’s excellent taste implies that it’s also willingly employed in the kitchen, where it’s a valued addition to Asian, mostly Indian dishes.

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