10 Compelling Ways in Connecting with Patients Using Dental Email Marketing 

 November 6, 2021

Patient interaction is a crucial factor in establishing trust and loyalty in a dental appointment. However, these moments of confidence and assurance are rare and limited, since patients only get to interact with the dentist during their appointment. This communication gap can be easily overlooked as appointments are done at least twice a year only.

However, you can always bridge the communication gap through the technological advancements of today. As a dentist, you can take the first step by reaching out through email marketing.

10 Ways to Using Dental Email Marketing Effectively


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Here are ways on how email marketing helps your dental practice:

  1. Easier Customer Monitoring


Tracking the success of your email campaigns can be difficult since you can’t be certain if your patients have read them or not. However, by hiring B2B companies that offer software services for your email marketing strategies, you can better monitor your customer engagement and organize its movement.

These companies enable you to send scheduled automated emails, manage your contact lists, and create patient brackets that ultimately help you tailor your campaigns for each customer.

So, for example, if you’re trying to endorse your Invisalign Ottawa service, email marketing allows you to better target a specific demographic by fine-tuning your ads. You don’t have to spend much on the software upgrade since other companies offer free services such as ReachMail, Benchmark, and MailChimp.

  1. Broadcast a Call-to-Action

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Making your patients realize the importance and necessity of each meeting can be quite challenging.  To make the message stick better, these call-to-actions have to be phrased in a more personal and urgent manner.

Attaching blogs and articles that highlight the health relevance of their next appointment can help them take the matter more seriously. Call-to-action content may come in the form of testimonials and referrals. By rewarding patients who share their positive experiences with you, they can inspire others to do the same and make it to the next appointment.

  1. Make Mobile-Friendly Content

Email viewing is no longer restricted to computer screens as netizens can now easily access their messages through smartphones and tablets. This device optimization improves the online experience of your patients, but at the same time makes it challenging for you to create mobile-compatible content.

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This screen downsizing may cause problems and glitches with your content and ads with some elements not fitting properly on the entire screen. So, before you send in your next email, double-check it on your own phone first to correct any design mistakes.

  1. Better Website Redirection

Using your email campaigns as a segway to your website is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic. By redirecting patients to your blogs and social media pages for more information, you can gradually create a steady flow of visitors that search engines will recognize.

Once this traffic is high and relevant enough, search engine algorithms will then rank your content higher. Reputable companies like Local SEO Search, based in Toronto, highly suggest this method as it encourages more visits without being too forceful towards customers.

  1. Update Patients about Discounts

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Reminding your patients to come back for their next appointment won’t always result in an affirmative response. Some of them might be too busy to make time or just simply making an excuse to avoid it.

A discount-reminder email is a great and subtle way to encourage another visit. You don’t need to lecture patients, you just have to catch their attention and keep them interested.

Just make sure that these discounts are up-to-date and should clearly specify their expiry and mechanics. So, if you’re offering discounts on treatments like Invisalign in cities like London or Toronto, make sure to highlight the location and duration of the promo.

  1. Create Educational Content

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Email marketing is not just about increasing sales. Patients can get pretty bored with redundant ads and blogs. So, why not expand your content and provide educational information?

This way, you get to show your credibility and show your patients that you truly care for them. You can write about correcting misconceptions surrounding dental treatments or break myths about dental care.

  1. Targeting Your Audience

The key to any successful marketing campaign is about knowing your customers. With email marketing, you can do exactly that, as patients who subscribe to your email would need to provide basic information about themselves.

This is helpful because you’ll be able to know which patients are senior citizens who are in need of dentures, teens who want braces, adults who need fillings, and more. The aim here is to perfectly customize each email so it appeals to a certain demographic that you want to reach.

  1. Better Email Tailoring

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Making your patients feel valued can be done in different ways. In the dental practice, it doesn’t have to be limited within the confines of the clinic. Through email marketing, you too can extend that level of care and connection.

You can simply do it by tailoring every email so that it mentions the name of your patient or subscriber. You can even send birthday discounts on their special day!

  1. Strengthen Current Patient Bonds

Maintaining a strong relationship among your current patients requires plenty of effort. It’s not enough to send them generic emails. Instead, you can craft messages that are more personal and conversational, asking them about their last visit, inquiring about their side-effects and pains, or asking for their feedback.

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The main purpose of this email type is to make your patients know that you value their opinions and experiences.

  1. Organize a Subscriber List

Being able to create and organize a contact list is the best advantage that you get with email marketing. Knowing your patient’s basic info can help you communicate to them better, and be able to customize every email.

Offering incentives or discount rewards for patients who sign-up for your email subscriptions is a good way to encourage them. However, make sure that each email is worth your patient’s time to avoid getting dumped into the spam folder.

Effective email marketing strategies aim to provide updates and improve the communication line between you and your patients. Lack of interaction can lead to skipped appointments. With Google’s Gmail software or Yahoo mail, you can now swiftly send in updates, reminders, and discounts to your patients at the drop of a hat.

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